Projects Funded by Reef Jam

FREE Public Snorkel Clinics – Since its inception in 2008 Reef Jam has regularly offered FREE public snorkel clinics all over the island.  What better way to grow a community of ocean lovers than by getting folks in the water to see all the beautiful formations and interesting creatures the reef has to offer. 

FREE Public Salt River National Park Adventures- Discovering one of the most unique and beautiful areas of St. Croix.  Participants kayak through the bio bay on night trips or take a day trip wading in the mangroves while learning about their vital importance to our island home. These trips are offered six months out of the year and organized by Bush Tribe Eco-Adventures.

Reef Rap – Reef Jam joined forces with St. Croix Environmental Association to go in to High Schools all over the island to present about St. Croix’s coral reef ecosystem and facilitate discussion about how students can be proactive citizens to protect the reef.  As a direct result, students enter a Reef Rap contest where they write their own original songs about the reef and then perform them live at Reef Jam for over 1,000 attendees!

Reef Responsible Restaurants – A market-driven approach to a sustainable fishing industry in the USVI.  Reef Jam has teamed up with DPNR, The Nature Conservancy, UVI and NOAA’s Coral Reef Conservation Program to create a program designed to “increase stakeholder understanding of how their choices regarding catching, purchasing, serving, and consuming locally harvested seafood can positively influence the future of US Virgin Islands fisheries and coral reefs.” See Food Sustainably!

Reef Jam Takes on Trash – Experiencing extreme disappointment with the amount of plastics and  trash all over the roads and beachsides, volunteers  flash mob the island with a litter protest/fun island clean-up all promoting island pride!

Lionfish Derby- Swimmer and Divers unite to help remove lionfish from our waters. Local removal efforts like our derby can significantly reduce lionfish densities. Lionfish are edible and considered a delicacy. Recent studies have shown that lionfish may have ciguatera, so please take caution until more conclusive studies come out.

Reef Jam Mini Grants- St. Croix community groups, school or student organizations, civic groups, government or non-government agencies/organizations, and individuals are all invited and encouraged to apply for small grants (up to $500.00 each) to fund marine-related education and conservation projects.

Coastal Zone Management Organization of the Year – 2009
US Environmental Protection Agency Environmental Quality Award – 2009